Waikato Rugby Union - Waikato Rugby Strategy 2023




A healthy, fun, and inspirational sport where everyone can belong, develop, and achieve.


Waikato Rugby supports the delivery and development of rugby through quality, healthy, and enjoyable experiences.



  • Respect & Inclusion - We will treat all new and existing participants and stakeholders inclusively, with the understanding that their continued involvement is critical to our success.
  • Leadership - We are all leaders - It is up to us to elevate all those around us in Rugby and the Community.  We are aware of where we have come from but equally, why we are here, and where we are going.
  • Courage & Strength - We will approach everything we do with courage knowing whether we win or lose we have learnt something and will grow stronger.
  • Teamwork, Connection & Access - We will work effectively together to achieve the goals set individually, as a team and/or groups of teams, and as an overall organisation.  We are accessible and connected to our stakeholders, and they are connected to us.


  • Grow the Brand - Waikato Rugby is perceived positively locally, nationally, and internationally.
    • A HIGHLY REGARDED Provincial Union in the national rugby landscape;
    • A STRONG presence, awareness, and connection throughout the Waikato and our communities;
    • Rugby is INCLUSIVE, available and adaptable to all;
    • Engaging story-telling through clear and consistent COMMUNICATION
  • Grow the Game - Opportunities for everyone to play rugby.
    • Financial security and ORGANISATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY for partners, stakeholders, and clubs; 
    • ENJOYABLE AND ENGAGING experiences that encourage people to become involved and remain in the game;
    • An engaged and COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY with a shared vision and strong relationships;
    • FUTURE-FOCUSSED development of facilities that allows the game to adapt and grow;
    •  Actively aligned with ‘BALANCE IS BETTER’ philosophy
  • Get Better - Continually improve our performance.
    • Focus on DEVELOPMENT principles to drive team performance;
    • BEST PRACTISE player, coach, official and game development and delivery via local, regional, national and international relationships;
    • Constantly challenge the status quo;
    • Deliver ENJOYABLE AND CHALLENGING EXPERIENCES that continually exceed expectations. 
  • Organisational Sustainability - Waikato Rugby is relevant, viable and progressive.
    • A DIVERSE AND SUSTAINABLE variety of revenue streams, effectively managed finances, and building cash reserves;
    • Remain relevant through positive, long-term, and COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIPS and relationships; 
    • Socially, ethically, and culturally responsible, and MINIMISED IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT;
    • RECRUIT, DEVELOP, ENGAGE, REWARD, RETAIN AND CARE for our people – Staff, contractors, and volunteers.

View the Waikato Rugby Strategy 2023 here